Self Storage Law


Renting Reimagined

Tenant’s technology is a breath of fresh air for the self-storage industry. Our Touchless Rentals™ allow your tenants to go through the entire move-in process without ever stepping foot in your office.

Enjoy superior yet simplified products. Centralize and streamline your business. Easily integrate third-party technology. Exceed customer expectations. Manage your managers. Bolster your profits, equity, and market position. Our technology is thoughtfully designed to serve you and improve your business.

Storage is in our DNA

Our products are designed by owners, for owners. Tenant is funded and managed by self-storage owners with vast industry experience spanning decades. We understood what the industry lacked and knew what to provide. Tenant’s technology puts owners back in the driver seat.

The Platform

Our platform is affordable yet innovative. Intuitive yet dynamic. Streamlined yet robust. The Tenant platform integrates, automates, and standardizes your business, providing a consistent experience for your customers from first-click to move-out.

Our platform is thoughtfully designed and built from the ground up – designed for integration and flexibility.

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