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The Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN) is a legal information service for self storage owners and operators. The SSLN has an exclusive relationship with the Self Storage Association to provide its popular legal hotline services to the organization’s members. The hotline is one of the best sources available for obtaining industry related legal information. The SSA believes that the most important benefit of being a direct SSA member is access to the Self Storage Legal Network hotline.

How many times have you had a question about “lien laws” or “rental agreements” or “partial payments”? Almost every decision you make regarding these self storage issues can have legal repercussions, especially if you don’t follow the proper course. With the SSLN, you can run your questions past an expert before making a decision.

For just the cost of a couple of hours with your local lawyer, you can have a whole year of access to expert legal information. Attorneys D. Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker have unsurpassed knowledge of the self storage industry and the legal challenges faced by owner-operators.

The SSLN is an information service and does not provide subscribers with legal services.

NEW PRICING (Goes into effect 1/1/2023)

Please note that the annual subscription rates for the SSLN (both the "Direct" and "Affiliate" Programs) will go up in January. This is the best time to sign up or renew at the current rates!! Please visit our Website for more information!

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Affiliate and Small Operator Membership Plan

The Self Storage Legal Network in cooperation with the Self Storage Association is excited to unveil its new Affiliate and Small Operator Plan. This Membership Plan has been designed specifically for the smaller self storage operator that is not a member of the national Self Storage Association but is a member in good standing of a state Self Storage Association that is affiliated with the national Self Storage Association OR is a licensee or franchisee of a member of the national Self Storage Association.

The Plan is also designed for operators with one to three facilities. Pricing for this Plan is reduced to make it affordable for smaller operators. The SSLN service provides storage operators with access to the legal information that they need to respond to day to day circumstances that may arise at their facilities and, most importantly, gives them to tools to avoid mistakes that can lead to costly lawsuits. The SSLN lawyers will thoroughly address your questions and there is no limit on the number of questions you can ask. The contact information will be sent to you upon joining the SSLN … Sign Up Now»