Self Storage Law

Storage Treasures

StorageTreasures is a new web based business that will revolutionize the way in which the contents of self storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned after the lessee has failed to pay rent. The site will fill the gap between the operational systems that the industry's currently utilizes and the public buyer who may be interested in the contents of a unit that is going to auction. The tools StorageTreasures provide brings the storage industry into conformity and exceeds the intent and practice of the state laws governing the Self Storage Industry.

One major goal of the company is to incorporate a uniform method of best practices that can be accessed by nearly 50,000 U.S. and Canadian self storage facilities and the community to protect personal property and limit liability for the storage facility, buyer, tenant and the auctioneer.

The site provides guidance to the storage facility, buyers and auctioneers. The result of which includes professionally managed auctions, more competitive bidding and increased revenues. StorageTreasures educates all parties involved in the storage auction process. Our overall goal is to reduce the number of units that eventually go to auction.

Increased awareness through our marketing efforts will drive knowledgeable bidders to your facility while also alerting your current customers of any changes in their rental status. StorageTreasures is the brand your buyers will look for as a key indicator of your dedication to the best quality and ethics in the Industry.

The StorageTreasures Team includes Industry Leading Storage Owners/Operators, Legal Counsel, Auctioneers, Strategy Specialist and Digital Marketing Professionals.