Self Storage Law


The Self Storage Association, Inc. (SSA) is a nonprofit trade association and does not provide legal services to its members or the members of the Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN). The SSA only provides administrative and marketing support to the SSLN for a fee. The Self Storage Legal Network (“SSLN”) is not a part of the Self Storage Association, nor is it a law firm, but is an independent consulting service which is made available to Association members for an additional subscription fee. As such, no advice given is part of the ordinary membership benefits of the Association, nor is it given on behalf of the Association. The SSLN does not serve as an attorney for any Association members who subscribe, but does offer timely consultation on the legal aspects of operating problems which may be experienced by its subscribers. The information is provided by experienced licensed attorneys. The SSLN cannot offer advice on disputes between operators who are subscribers, nor can the SSLN represent any subscriber in a lawsuit, or engage in any communication with any person or firm with whom a subscriber may have a dispute. SSLN subscriber members acknowledge that an attorney/client relationship is not created between the SSLN and the subscriber. The advice offered by the SSLN to any inquiring subscriber is based upon the description of the problem offered at the time, and there may be facts or aspects of the problem which are not known, or not adequately communicated by the inquiring subscriber at the time advice is sought. The advice given is intended to be pragmatic and preventative in nature, and based upon the best judgment and experience of the SSLN attorney responding to the inquiry. The subscriber should always follow up with an inquiry to his or her lawyer in the event that further complications or disputes are expected. The SSLN is not a substitute for your lawyer’s advice or representation, and no advice given should be taken as overruling any advice given by your lawyer. In the event of any perceived discrepancy or conflict in the advice given by the SSLN and any advice given by your lawyer, you should consult further with your lawyer to arrive at a definitive course of action. Your own lawyer must always have the last word on how to proceed.