National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM)

The creation of the relationship between the tenant/unit occupant and the landlord/owner of the self-storage facilities is defined by the terms of that agreement Unfortunately, there may come a time when disputes arise among the parties. When this occurs, a well-drafted arbitration clause contained in the rental agreement can save the parties the time and expense of what otherwise could be costly and time-consuming litigation.

Recognizing that self-storage contract disputes have very specific issues to be determined and require a skilled neutral, NAM offers a nationwide panel of experienced arbitrators to assist with the resolution of these matters. With more than 2,600 neutrals throughout the United States, NAM has the capability of administrating in- person arbitration in a geographically suitable location, using a distinct set of rules and procedures for disputes relating to the rental of a self-storage unit.

The following core competencies are some of the reasons why clients recognize NAM as a leading provider of ADR services (the “NAM Advantage”):

Industry Leadership – NAM is a true pioneer in the field of ADR and continues to be on the forefront of new initiatives and programs. As a result, the company has received numerous awards and accolades from the legal community;

Customization and Innovation – exceptional aptitude for customizing and implementing ADR programs;

Superior Case Administration – an experienced team of case managers with the skill set and experience to handle all aspects and nuances of specific ADR programs;

Technology – innovative and effective use of technology, and the ability to administrate virtual arbitrations and mediations throughout the country via digital conferencing; Currently, NAM offers the following 4 video platforms - Zoom, Webex by Cisco, Skype, and BlueJeans by Verizon. NAM’s customized videoconference technology through Zoom is HIPAA compliant and uses specific settings that are configured differently than the generally available Zoom commercial account.

Dedication to Customer Service – a client retention rate in excess of 95%; and

Reasonable Fees – a consistent, competitive, transparent, and predictable fee structure.

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For any questions about NAM’s administration of self-storage industry disputes, please contact NAM at 800.358.2550 attn. commercial dept. or by e-mail at : For NAM’s Self-Storage Industry Dispute Resolution program documents (including rules, fees and the demand for arbitration form), please visit NAM’s website at – go to NAM’s Practice Area - Self-Storage Industry.