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Sperlonga specializes in helping non-traditional payment streams report to the consumer credit bureaus. Sperlonga developed a payment reporting technology with the goal of empowering non-payment reporting industries with the exact same financial management tool that is utilized by credit card providers, mortgage lenders, the auto finance industry, and any other institutional debt owners. Reporting these non-traditional credit or debt payments to the credit bureaus makes their payment obligation just as important as mortgage or auto payments in the eyes of the consumer.

Sperlonga has partnered with the Self Storage Legal Network and Self Storage Association members to build an industry payment reporting test file for submission and approval by the credit bureaus. Operators will be reporting the payment history each month on all accounts within each site location no matter if the account is current or delinquent. Sperlonga and the self storage operators will utilize system integrations with their management software to extract the payment data and create a self storage credit tradeline for the credit bureaus which will make payment reporting fully automated. Sperlonga will provide customer service support for every operator. All consumer dispute calls, letters and emails will be received and managed by Sperlonga’s customer service unit. Sperlonga anticipates starting self storage payment reporting to the credit bureaus in the first quarter of 2019.

Sperlonga is also working with the Self Storage Legal Network and Self Storage Association members to build an industry specific credit report screening platform for operators to pull credit reports when consumers apply to rent a storage unit. Sperlonga will start development of this credit screening platform after payment reporting to the credit bureaus starts. Since the industry will start reporting payments and delinquencies to the credit bureaus, credit screening will allow the operator to immediately learn at point of sale if the applicant has walked away from a previous self storage obligation recently, any time in the past, or is in general a “bad tenant”.

The utilization of credit report screening at the point of sale will allow self storage operators to implement risk based pricing. Such pricing has been utilized for more than a decade by the auto, mortgage, and credit card industries. Risk based pricing would be completely automated so the possibility for unacceptable or unfair employee pricing decisions at point of sale will be eliminated. Lastly, risk based pricing increases site and portfolio value.

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