Self Storage Law

Litigation Review Service

Self storage facility operators occasionally are sued by customers, employees and assorted other third parties. You will need an attorney to handle these lawsuits. Whether the lawyer is hired by the facility owner or provided by the facility's insurance company, even an experienced litigator may be inexperienced in the specific area of self storage law. What makes self storage law so unique is its statutory formation, its non-bailment characteristics, the potential rights of non-tenants and the specialized role of the operational manager. When lawsuits arise, there are few lawyers that have the hands-on self storage legal experience that the lawyers of the Self Storage Legal Network provide. With over 50 years of combined experience in the self storage industry, the Self Storage Legal Network layers do not replace your local litigation counsel. Instead, the SSLN lawyers work with the operator's lawyers to provide the most effective representation available

As part of the SSLN’s Litigation Review Service, the Self Storage Legal Network lawyers will review all available litigation files and, based upon an in depth understanding of the self storage industry and available case law and statutory precedent, work with your litigation counsel to provide a clear litigation strategy for the best possible resolution of the ongoing dispute. The SSLN basic case review package provides the following:

A complete assessment of the case, including a clear explanation of its strengths and weaknesses; An estimated reasonable settlement value of the case; A step-by-step strategic plan for moving forward with the case; A review of relevant insurance policies to address coverage rights.