Self Storage Law

Self Storage Employment Audit Service

Self storage operations typically involve the employment of managers and other site personnel to run the day to day business of the facility. Coupled with the general obligations of being an employer, self storage owners must also fulfill their responsibilities under both Federal and State law concerning the wages they pay their employees and the documentation required by law to verify the identity and citizenship of their employees. Self Storage owners must also be prepared to address the need for Employment Handbooks, Employment Agreements and Residency Agreements for on site, live-in managers. The SSLN’s “Self Storage Employment Audit Service” will review current employment practices to confirm compliance with the law and that compliance is properly documented. The audit will also identify practices that may not meet current employment legal standards and the changes that are needed. Following the audit, the SSLN can work with the owner if needed to update its documents, wage schedules and legal filings to stay in compliance with the law. The SSLN’s audit, which is managed by Scott Zucker and Carlos Kaslow, covers: